Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Faeries & News

This is the first one: This is the second one:

And the other day I received great news from Cobblestone Press: the third one will be available through them too. In other words, it's been contracted to CP. I couldn't be more excited about this, honestly. Actually, I'm thrilled! This'll be the first complete trilogy that I have available.

The third installment is called FAERIE BLOOD and will round out the story arc between Shay and Glen, as well as the situation with the goblins. Things get pretty bleak in this tale, but don't worry, there's a ray of sunshine in the horizon.

I stumbled on this wonderful world of the faeries one day while I was walking to pick my daughter up from school. It was a beautiful sunny day and as I walked through one of the parks, I spotted a section at the bottom of the hill crowded with trees. Huge trees that I thought were oak trees. Still not sure if they are or not, but when I looked at them, the vivid image of Shay with her mossy sword, and dust filled my mind. The next morning, I sat down and wrote most of the story. It was so much fun to let these characters out of my head and not just tell their tale, but entice me into their world. Because, that's exactly what they did!

As soon as I finished that first story, I knew there would be more. And when I sat down to write the second one, I realised there was an entire series here. Many characters that also had stories to tell... and so I wrote the third one. The thing I really enjoyed about this story is that although it ends a certain arc, it certainly leaves space for more.

I already have the next trilogy bubbling inside my head. Actually, the first book is pretty much boiling over, trying to pour out of me. This time, I'm going to try something different and expand into the POV of other characters that were introduced in this trilogy. Though I also know this won't be the last of Shay and Glen. :)

For me, this has been happening a lot lately. The tales that I weave on my lappy become so much deeper than just a one-book story. If only there was more time in the day...

Anyway, that's enough about the Fae for now.

Oh, and if you're wondering what the other news is: in total, I got three new contracts this week!

Now some questions:

As a writer, do you find yourself engrossed in new worlds that you thought would only last the duration of one book?

And as a reader, do you enjoy reading trilogies and series tales?

Y'know, because I'm just curious. ;)




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