Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - I'M ROYALLY GRUMPY!

Thirteen Things I'd Rather Be Doing
by Author, TJ Michaels

You know, I think I'm in the grumpiest mood I've been in for a long time. Bottom line is I haven't had any time off from the day job since February while other folks in the office are taking weeks at a time. Why? I'm actually not sure. So, I'm tired, physically and mentally tired. Sitting at my desk with vertigo, feeling like I've got the blow chunks is most unpleasant.

However, it did get me to thinking of other things I'd rather be doing. Of course writing is at the top of the list, but that's a given. So here are a few other things I'd like to be doing right now:

1. Looking out over the Grand Canyon (minus the heat, of course ;D)
2. Napping curled up with a teddy bear
3. Winning the lottery!
4. Playing golf (and doing it rather badly)
5. Packing for a trip to Seattle
6. Interviewing for another job
7. Better yet, accepting an offer for another job!
8. Kissing a hunky guy that's actually MINE
9. Enjoying my daughter's cinnamon rolls with my feet kicked up
10. Enjoying my daughter's iced green tea with ginger drink (feet still kicked up)
11. Playing WarCraft III with my son
12. Working on a new book with my writing partner, Grey Sinclaire
13. Relaxing while reading a book by any of the Ladies


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