Friday, July 20, 2007

The Woman Behind the Bieste

Some years ago, when I first started writing, I wrote fantasy and horror. It wasn't until I'd been writing several years and read Iris Johansen's Wind Dancer Series that I decided I really did want to write romance.

Recently, however, I wrote an erotic science fiction that was published at Ellora's Cave called Latharian Review. The style was much different than what I normally write and tapped into that old, darker voice. I chose a different pen name so that my regular readers would know not to expect the same type of story they've come to look for by Sable Grey.

So Amon Bieste was born. Deanna Lee and I sat down and looked up male names until we put together the Bieste name. Basically the name means "the beast within".

The differences between Sable Grey Books and the Bieste Books

  • Bieste writes in first person point of view. Sable in Third
  • Sex scenes in Sable books are "normal" sex. Bieste writes sex scenes that pushes the envelope and where anything goes
  • Sable Grey writes paranormal, historical, and contemporary romance and Bieste writes primarily science fiction and futuristic
  • The voice in the Sable books is feminine, even in the hero's pov. The voice in Bieste Books is masculine.
  • In Sable's books the hero and heroine ride off into the sunset. In the Bieste books, the hero(s) and heroine(s) ride off just out of view.

Right now, I only have one Bieste book (Latharian Review) with several others on the way. Most of my writing is and will be done as Sable Grey.

And yes, I do think of Bieste as a different person because I have to get in that darker place where that voice lives and stay there. The rest of the time I'm just me. LOL

So when people ask, I tell them: I don't have a multiple personality disorder, I'm just a writer.


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Glad to learn a little bit more about your "dark" side!

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