Thursday, October 25, 2007

Can I Have A Dollar?

I'm teaching a class at work all week and have students who've flown in from Chicago and Germany. And I just heard the funniest damned story.

The German guy decided to drive down to Denver for an afternoon of sightseeing. Well, needless to say he got a little turned around and ended up in a seedier side of town. He looks up and sees some menacing looking guys and skimpy clothed girls. One of them flags him down and offers "assistance"

He says, "How do I get back to Highway 25?"

The young lady says, "Well, we're on 33rd street, so, let's see, 33, 32, 31..." and on she goes until she counts on her fingers down to 25. "I think it's eight blocks that way," she says.

But he's trying to get to the freeway named I-25, not 25th street. So, he simply says thank you...but not before she says, "Hey, can I have a dollar?" So, this big, 6' 4" German guy is thinking 'what the heck?' But fine, he gives her a dollar and drives away before she can 'offer' anything else.

Later down the road he finds himself going over the overpass for the freeway. A-ha, there it is! The freeway he's looking for is directly below him. All he needs to do is turn around.

So he does a "U" turn...on a one way street with traffic coming at him. So all he sees are a bunch of white lights headed his way!

He did manage to get back to his hotel near Boulder in one piece, thankfully! And we had a good laugh this morning!

Gotta run!

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