Thursday, October 18, 2007

Coming Up Fast!

Now this is rare - I can't think of a single thing to talk about. It's strange for me, considering I ALWAYS seem to have something to say about any- and everything.

Oh, wait! I just thought of something - CHRISTIMAS! I'll be hosting a HOLIDAY HOTTIES chat on the Samhain Cafe loop in December, so don't miss it.

Can you believe that I'm usually done with all my Christmas shopping by November 30th. Why? Because after December 1st, this sistah ain't going to the mall. There are crazy little old ladies who will fist fight you over the latest sale item at the mall! And if there are things like fuzzy bunny slippers on sale RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Now I'm thinking about what I want this year. Usually I buy myself a piece of jewelry. Last year my kids totally shocked me - they bought me a sterling silver and diamond filigree ring, a mini-humidor for whenever I feel like indulging in the every-blue-moon grape flavored cigar (think Egyptian Voyage!), and several items that I can use in my grill (I just love grilling! I am the queen of the grill all year 'round). I bawled like a baby because I'm usually the one giving gifts rather than receiving them. My kids are so cool.

The holidays are just around the corner - what do you want for the holidays? Me - I'll take a wild fling with a gorgeous hunk! Say...Mr. 300 himself-Gerard Butler! Wait...is he married? I don't think so, but just in case I'll have to think of some others. Let me see... *wink*

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