Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hard Rock & Hallowed

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. So, we went out to celebrate for dinner. For us, the Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney has become the place to celebrate our birthdays, and just about anything else. We love to go there. The atmosphere is good, the music's cool, the place looks awesome, and the food's great! What's there not to like about it? Besides, it was one of the first places hubby and I went to when we were dating.

We continued to go back there throughout the years, even while we were pregnant. Then we introduced our daughter to it. She loves going there as much as we do. But last night, they told us that the Hard Rock Sydney will be closing down on Sunday. :( That's awful news! And it's actually made me feel sadder than I thought it would. We're definitely going to miss it.

Apparently, it may open up again in the future, at another location. But in the meantime, it's gone. Where are we going to celebrate now? The HR was one of the few places that I still enjoy eating out at. I've become very fussy with takeout food, so most of it has been crossed off my list. But the HR, that was always there...

Anyway, at least I got this t-shirt, and this one as well. Aren't they cute? They had 50% off the merchandise, but I'd still rather be able to visit whenever we want to go. Oh well.

So, onto a much happier topic - I have a new eBook release on the 19th! Yay! My paranormal romance story, Alana Blues, will be released by Cobblestone Press during their Octoberfest celebrations.

I absolutely love this cover. It totally captures the heart and mood of this tale. I had a fun time writing this ghost, love story and can't wait to hear what others think of it. So, if you get the chance to read it, you just gotta tell me what you think. ;)

And don't forget, if you visit my blog during this week and leave a comment, you have the chance to win a copy of it.

Matt knows the things that lurk in the dark are very much real and always a threat. But it was a human bullet that stole his chance at happiness.

Alana is willing to do whatever it takes to save Matt’s life before Halloween night is over…




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