Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Release & Supernatural

So, I woke up this morning and didn't have a clue what to talk about here today. :/ Went to bed a little later than usual, and didn't get a chance to read at all. I like to end the day with a little reading. It's relaxing, and besides, I love to read.

Anyway, the point is that I'm a little tired. And have woken up to a very dark and dreary day. I really thought we'd left those behind with winter. Sometimes, with the weather, you just never know.

Since my Octoberfest title was released last week, I thought I'd talk a little about that.

Here's the gorgeous cover:

And here's the longer blurb:

Fate decided to strip Matt and Alana from their chance at happiness.

Now, a year later he’s still mourning her loss but what Matt doesn’t realize is that she’s closer than he thinks. If only he would accept his origins and open up to the one gift he’s always denied, contact with her would be possible.

Alana is determined to save Matt before the end of Halloween night, even if the cost could devastate her existence and separate them forever…

I wrote this story earlier on in the year, during a Cobblestone Main Street's BIAW. The idea struck me one night while I was watching Supernatural with the hubby. Nothing that happens in the story is based on any one particular Supernatural-type idea or episode. It was more a scene. Something was going on with the Winchester brothers, and the idea struck me. I got a vivid picture of Alana and Matt standing near a car, all smiles until a bullet ended it for them.

The rest of the tale stemmed from there. I knew that although the story would be told through the POV of both characters, Matt would get the most screen time. His voice came very naturally to me, and I ended up falling in love with their story. It was very deep, I felt their joy and pain as I wrote the first draft, and even during revision. I think it's awesome to get so moved and sucked into a tale you're writing. It's a magical feeling.

Of course, because the idea came to me during Supernatural, there were a few things I took with me.

Here are a few:

* I saw Jensen Ackles as Matt
* I gave Matt the surname of Jensen
* The two friends in AB hunt demons, etc
* There's a certain level of bleakness to the atmosphere of the story

They're all little things, but details I wanted to include as a homage to the show.

So tell me, have you ever gotten so wrapped up in a story you're writing, that every single thing the characters are going through affects you deeply? Or as a reader, have you ever read a story that totally captivated you and played with your emotions?

I know I've done it many times, both as a reader and writer. :)




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