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Something Wild - New Release

Something Wild by Sable Grey

Paranormal Historical
Something wild is stalking through London and only one man can stop the killings.


London is a city drowning in fear as a barrage of gruesome murders plague the streets in Whitechapel. Detective Baden Sikes is out to find the ripper but gets preoccupied a bit with a young woman he decides to save from a life of thievery in the streets.

Baden wants Cora...wants her bad, but with so much at stake and his own secrets threatening to destroy him and those he loves, can he afford to give his heart to this woman? Or will he leave them all at the mercy of the wild thing that stalks through London?

Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language, violence, and graphic sex


Something Wild by Sable Grey

Baden stood in the doorway of the kitchen, sipping his bourbon as he watched Cora make her tea. It was past midnight. He’d heard her weeping earlier, but waited until her sobs had ceased.

Now his gaze slid down the length of her blonde hair to the sleeping gown. It was the same she’d worn when she’d attempted to seduce him with her ripped slipper. Its sheer material slipped around her curves as she moved, and each time she stepped in front of the candle, he could see the outline of her body.

He leaned against the doorframe when she began humming softly.

“Have you enough for two?” he spoke then smiled when she started with a yelp of surprise. Her fingers splayed out against her chest as she breathed out. She turned back to her tea after a quick glance at his glass.

“I’ve more than enough, if you want some.” She nodded and reached for a second cup. He just wanted to be near her. To smell her scent, to have her look at him with those clear eyes, to scold him with her quick tongue. Everything about her excited him, aroused him. He didn’t want tea. He wanted her.

“What did Webber tell you to do to seduce me?”

Her hands stilled and her back stiffened. “You were witness to my failed attempt.”

“But you went back. Did he not give you more advice?” Baden walked slowly toward her, but she didn’t turn to face him.

“It was suggested I use my mouth to seduce you.” Her hands dropped to the wooden surface of the counter.

“Did he show you how? Make you practice…”

She whirled, her eyes flashing in the candlelight. “He did not. I am not so stupid that I would fall for such a ploy even if he had suggested I do so.” She clasped her hands together when Baden halted in front of her. “Besides, I talked mostly with one of the women there. She demonstrated on a carrot.”

Baden didn’t mean to laugh. “And you’d planned on doing what she taught you to do?”

“I’d not resolved if I would or would not.” She visibly shook, obviously affected by him.

Carefully he set his glass on the counter behind her, slanting his gaze down at her when she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply as if she were breathing in his scent, too.

“Why would you even consider it?”

“You’d done so for me…put your mouth on me.” She opened her eyes as he straightened. “And I told you I wanted more of your kiss.”

“And it does not occur to you to respect my wishes?” He raised an eyebrow.

“You want me. I know you do. As I said, I am not stupid.” She licked her lips nervously. “Why should I respect something that is not truly your wish at all?”

“I told you that if I indulged myself, I would keep you.” He wanted to touch her, to reach out and run his finger across the softness of her cheek.

“Perhaps I want to be kept.”

“You think you do, but I am not what I seem. You have not seen me for what I truly am.”

“And what are you?” she asked, her words breathy as if she continued to be affected by him.

“Something wild.” He finally lifted a finger to brush back a strand of her hair. “Not much different than The Ripper…” Her fingers suddenly pressed against his lips; her large blue eyes welled with sudden tears.

“Don’t you ever say that again,” she whispered. “You are kind and generous and decent. You’re nothing like the monster that roams the streets. He has no guilt, no shame, no pain, no conscience. I see all of those in your eyes now.”

“If you only knew, you would not be so eager to win my affection,” Baden spoke against her fingers.

“You hide yourself, sir, but I still see you. You have passion you struggle to control. I knew that the second day I’d known you when you struck Webber. I saw it again that day in your study.” Her free hand rose to his chest, and she closed the distance between them. “I felt the wild in you when you kissed me. It’s what has driven me to seek Webber’s help.”

“I am only half a man.” Baden reached up to wrap his hand around her delicate wrist, pulling her fingers from his mouth. “The rest is…” He stopped when her fingers curled against him. Her gaze reflected deep lust. She would not care if he told her he was half winged demon. Her desire warmed him more than any bourbon, intoxicated him.

“The rest is what?”

He leaned forward, brushing his jaw against her cheek as he inhaled deeply, exhaling on the word “beast”. He might have leaned away. He might have left the room. But that small whimper that pushed from her lips weakened and bound him. So be it.


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