Friday, December 14, 2007

CPQ Magazine

CPQ Magazine is now a free download!

I'm really excited about the magazine being free now. We'd discussed it when we first decided to take the dive with this project but decided that we would charge for each issue in case it didn't take off like we hoped. After two issues, however we could see that the popularity of the magazine would NOT be a problem.

We are keeping the advertising at the same costs and are brainstorming new ideas to give authors more ways to connect to readers. Our advertising now ranges from $5 for a clickable cover ad to much more expensive video advertising. We wanted CPQ to be a magazine that was affordable for every author to use as a marketing tool in their promotions. We also wanted to make a magazine that appealed to authors AND readers. It seems we've acomplished that! And the full page ads that we do for authors...we send the image to the authors for free to use in other promotions for their books. - It's so freakin expensive to have ads designed that we thought that would be a cool thing to do for authors.

For those not familiar with this magazine it's a quarterly publication that includes interviews with agents, authors, artists, and other industry professionals, writing related articles and columns, short romance stories, featured websites, and of course an Around Cobblestone section (it is afterall OUR magazine). But we welcome other publishers to advertise in the magazine as well as authors published at other presses.

One of my favorite features of CPQ is that every cover, link address, and banner is clickable - a direct link to that book page, publisher, or author website. And the book videos play on click...I'm all about the visual...lol

Sooo, that's my big news...what I'm so excited about right now. If you guys are interested in looking at of the issues (did I mention that the magazine is FREE now? lol) you can check it out at http://www.cobblestone-quarterly.com/

Sable Grey
Cobblestone Press, LLC