Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 & A Reading Plan

Yep, 2008 is now officially here. Actually, it's already the third day here in Australia. How's it been treating you so far? We've had a great run of summer weather, so that makes me happy. There's nothing worse than being in summer and it just doesn't feel like it. Besides, sunny weather puts me in a great mood. And the start of a new year makes me feel hopeful and excited.

This year I've got certain goals I'd like to meet, but I'm not going to list them. There are way too many and I really don't want to jinx myself. But let's just say that there will be plenty of paranormal and otherworldly activity going on in my head and on my lappy's screen. ;) I've got so many new ideas I want to tackle, and several not-so-new ones which I want to revisit. I don't like leaving projects half-done.

One of the other things I'd really like to do this year is read at least one book every single week. That's usually my goal, but last year it didn't work out like that. Although I did end up getting about 52 books read during 2007. You can check out my list here, if you like.

I've got a bunch of excellent books on my TBR pile that I want to read this month. And I'm starting with this one. I'm 80 pages in and absolutely lovin' it. Kitty's so darn cool. Can't wait to get stuck into it again today. But I'm working on some edits, trying to finish a festive novella and have my daughter home, so I'll see how I go.

Another thing I'd like to do this year is read more eBooks. There are some awesome e-pubbed stories out there, and I want to be reading more of them. Oh, and I got the Brothers Grimm Complete Fairy Tale Collection on paperback the other day, so I'd like to read some of those too. Yep, I've got big plans for reading this year. And writing, of course!

Anyway, what have you got planned for this year as far as your reading goes? And how do you balance that with your writing, etc?


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