Thursday, February 28, 2008

Goofy Stuff and New Books

Okay, here's the result of when I vacuumed the keys off my laptop keyboard - the keys were never found. AND when I talked to my IT guy at work about what happened he did indeed look at me as if I'd just had a four headed baby! It was almost as funny as the face I made when the keys flew up into the almighty and powerful suction of my new vacuum cleaner!

So, they're trying to see where we can get a new 'Q' and a new 'W' key since they don't seem to be sold separately *snort*

I'm teaching class at work so gotta run ;D I'll keep ya'll posted!

OH, BY THE WAY, I received edits for HATSEPT HEAT, Vampire Council of Ethics Book 3! It'll be released in July, right after Book 2 comes out in print! Woohoo!

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