Thursday, February 21, 2008

xPost - Career Change?

If you've ever thought about changing jobs or careers, then this is for you! I'm wanting to relocate to Washington state and have started job hunting. A friend of mine sent me this video (warning: there is sound, though none of it is raunchy, and you may laugh out loud) to celebrate my new efforts.

I'm going to miss my old job. I've been here for seven years and have really enjoyed working with my customers. But in truth, there's nothing tying me to this state. I have no family here. No friends. Nothing but work. And that's not really a good reason to remain someplace if you're unhappy, right? Right! So...of we go!

Check it out!


"A man sees himself in more rewarding jobs and received some not-so-subtle hints to take control of his career."

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