Thursday, March 13, 2008

xPost - Quivering Thighs!

Author and Sister-girlfriend, Ashlyn Chase, recently had a book released called Quivering Thighs. Now when I first saw the title, I thought, “Oh. My. Freaking. God!” And knowing what an awesome writer Ashlyn is, I knew the book would be a hit. But I talk to Ash all the time. This time I figured we’d do something different. So, ladies and gentlemen, meet Kendra Dempsey, heroine and star of Quivering Thighs. She’s an interesting chick, so CLICK HERE to see what she had to say…
Quivering Thighs by Ashlyn Chase

Standalone sequel to Heaving Bosoms

Kendra Dempsey took her gangster boyfriend's money and ran. The problem is, it was supposed to be split three ways. Going back to Las Vegas is out of the question, so she goes after the fresh start she needs. Indulging her fantasy of living in paradise, escaping the mob and having a career that utilizes her drawing talent, she moves to Hawaii and apprentices as a tattoo artist. Since all the mobsters are in prison now, she can finally relax, right?

Jake Jensen is a cop assigned to work his first undercover assignment at a suspected chop shop, Bump and Grind Auto Body, but he doesn't look the part. The quickest thing he can do to roughen his clean-cut edges is to let his hair grow and get some cool tattoos. When the dyslexic tattoo apprentice makes a mistake in the lettering, will he be a laughingstock? Should he blow his cover and help her when she's in more danger than he is?

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