Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blog Cruisin'

Hey all!

I thought today I'd have some fun cruising a few romance industry blogs, to see what's up.

The first blog I visited was the Red Lines and Deadlines Blog. The EC editors are hosting a quick First Line contest. Sounds like fun! And the prize is a free download.

You don't have to write a whole story - just the most important sentence in the story. That's right, send us the best opening line you can create. Something you think would really grab an editor's or agent's attention, make them keep reading your submission. Now, don't go too over the top - it has to be something you could actually build a story on. It could be tense or traumatic or frightening or mysterious or humorous or romantic. But one sentence only, your envisioned first sentence.

Send your entry to RedlinesDeadlines@gmail.com by next Wednesday, April 2. On Friday we'll post the best ones we received and announce the winner (or maybe even winners). Prize is a free download of an EC/CP/TLC ebook.
On the Bookends Agency Blog agent Jessica Faust is talking about respond-by dates.

On Romancing the Blog, I found an interesting article addressing a common question unpublished writers ask-- should they establish a web presence BEFORE they sign their first contract?

All of the agents I surveyed said that if they find your query or partial interesting, then they’ll most likely visit any URL you’ve included in your query or cover letter.

Smart Bitches reports that Ellora's Cave is launching a new were-duck shapeshifter series. It's April 1st. I'm 99% sure it's a joke, even if what they say about mallard male bits is true. Then again, some EC authors might go there...

Ellora's Cave has decided to unveil their new line of were-duck romance. Heather Trix, the new editor of this line, explains why ducks are the ideal model for romance heroes, not the raptors that have captured the popular imagination all these decades.
Uhhh...did you know that some ducks have 18 inch you-know-whats?! I didn't believe it until I saw these pictures (ICK Alert! If you're squeamish, don't look).

So there you go, we've got a writing contest, an intriguing article about an agent's submission process, another informative article about the benefits of an unpublished writer established a web presence...and duck bits :)

Ahhh, the world of romantic fiction.

Dark Master, April 29, Kensington
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