Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This & That

Today, I'm going to talk about a bunch of different stuff. I'm feeling a little nuts at the moment. I've got so much packed inside my brain, it's hard to keep a sharp focus. Do you ever get like that? I mean, I've had clutter-brain before, but this is different. Usually, when I'm cluttered I'm all over the place and wander around aimlessly. This is not the case now. :)

There are a lot of things I'd like to get done during the next three months and I just need to tackle one thing at a time. :/

Okay, firstly, I can gladly say that I got the second draft of my futuristic novel finished last week. Yay! It's now sitting at 86,032 words. Very happy with it so far. I've gotten rid of a lot of weak words and long sentences. I noticed a few explanations that just didn't need to be there. So, now they're all gone. The novel is going to sit tight for a few weeks. Then, I will embark on the third and final draft.

The other night (Tuesday, to be precise) I started writing a new story. This one's going to be a shortie. When I sat down to write last night, I kept going and going. The research for this one was a lot of fun and actually helped me change a very important part of the plot.

Anyway, this is the progress so far:

I'm very happy with it and would absolutely love to crack the 10k mark today. This new world is very vivid. And to think the idea started with a girl who was born different, even for her own kind. ;)

Last night, I updated my website.

The other night, I sent out my April newsletter.

If you're in my Bits & Pieces group, then you've already seen a bunch of new covers I posted the other day. :D

I know have a bunch of books over at Fictionwise.

I'm really, really trying to get back into my reading groove. It's been hard the last few weeks because I've spent every available moment doing revision.

Oh, and I'm asking a question about vampires over at The Vampire Oracle blog.
Okay, and last but certainly not least:




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Welcome to the Tarot series!

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