Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Borders.com is Open for Business!

At last, we have another option for online purchases of books and other media--besides Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Borders.com is officially open. I checked out prices for my titles and see they're offering a 10% discount on new copies, the option of searching for used copies, and a third option of reserving the title in a store for pickup. I LOVE that third one! I have a Borders store right down the street. And now, I can do my shopping online, reserve the books I want, then run in and grab them. What a fab feature!

The only drawback--the online reserve system doesn't seem to guarantee the book'll be in stock. Not a problem for me, since I'm not driving a long distance. But if I did, that could be a problem. Also, it looks like you'll end up forfeiting your discounted price if you select the store pickup option, however, with no shipping you're probably still okay.

Here's the page for my latest Aphrodisia release, DARK MASTER.

The site appears to be easy to navigate.
It has a wish list feature.
Other books are recommended, based upon book content.
Reviews can be posted.
It appears you can customize your homepage to some extent. I haven't signed up for an account yet, so I'll need to do that first.

Overall, it looks like the folks at Borders have launched a terrific online bookstore! I'm looking forward to doing some shopping. Has anyone made a purchase already? How was your experience?

DARK MASTER, a Recommended Read (Dark Angel Reviews)
WANTON NIGHTS, Coming May 29! Changeling Press
Wicked-Hot Erotic Fiction


Blogger TJ Michaels said...

This is great news! The old borders.com used to be affiliated with Amazon.com. Does it look like they broke away and are finally doing their own thing?


May 29, 2008 at 1:14 PM  

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