Thursday, May 1, 2008

Headed to Ireland...

Hi all,

I've been in Belgium for work all week, and today I'm headed to Ireland, then the UK to teach another class for the day job. I haven't gotten to see much of Belgium, but from what I've seen of the little town I'm in it's quaint, very old style (there's a church down the street built in the 1500's!). The bread it TO DIE FOR. I don't even eat bread all that often when I'm at home, but I could live on this stuff.

Hey, have you ever ridden on a plane with people sneezing all over the place? I'm sure their mama's taught them to cover their mouths when they sneeze or to sneeze in to the crook of their elbow to keep the nasties from flying all over the place. Well, needless to say I have the marvelous privilege of sitting right in front of a woman who didn't listen to her mama. And, yes, you guessed it, TJ is now fighting a frickin' cold. I went to the apothecary (that's what they call the pharmacy here, which makes total sense) and got some cold medicine. It was cool to see the lady to go a wall of drawers and pull out some powdered stuff and tell me exactly how to use it. Even though I feel like crap, she sure made me feel special.

I know you're wondering "did TJ pick up some Belgian chocolate or what?" Well, of course I did! Got it from a baker next door to the hotel. And they dont' have bagged bread here. People buy it fresh from the bakery. Also, the fruit and veggie department in the local grocers is HUGE! And it doesn't cost more to eat healthy here than it does to eat junk. Unlike home, where you can eat a whole crappy meal for $3 bucks and can't get a decent meal for less than $10, this place is a healthy eaters paradise.

Killing my pocket book, though. It cost me $200 to get 116 Euro! Gasp! Choke! I'll be glad when the dollar bounces back a bit! Sheesh!

Off to bed - I have to get up at 6:30am and head to the train station so I can make my plane on time.



(for a recap of my first night in Belgium, click here)

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