Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This morning, I did my usual thing—opened my email mailbox, deleted all the chatter, opened the Google Alert to see who’s talking about me…

I learned today that my cover above made some poor author’s eyes bleed. This isn’t just any author either. It’s the author of a popular vampire romance series.

Do I think this cover is *that* bad? No. It's dreaded CGI, virtual Barbie/Ken dolls. But I've seen worse. I've had worse. At least it's not misleading.

Despite my opinion, call me silly, but I’m thrilled.

Why, you ask? Because she blogged about my book and included a blurb from the PNR review. It’s free promo. Yay! And I am convinced (at this point) that the old cliché is true—there’s no such thing as bad press, as long as I’m not foolishly stuffing my size 8 ½ down my own throat (I really try hard not to do that).

Just to make sure my overall attitude wasn’t way off base, I took a little (informal) poll on Romance Divas, asking whether they read certain blogs prone to snark, and whether what they read influenced their buying decisions. Most said what they read didn’t sway them either way. Several said they’ve bought books after reading a snark because they wanted to see if the book was really that bad.

So, I say snark away! I can take it.

Gee, I wonder when the Smart Bitches are going to do another cover snark...? Maybe they'd like to snark my upcoming release?

What about you? Have you been snarked? Or have you read a blog and decided against buying books by a certain author/publisher/whatever because of what you've read? I'd love to hear!


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