Thursday, May 29, 2008

That Was Then, Damn It ;D

Hi all ;D

I’m a bit late posting this and apologize for that. It’s been nuts at work. In fact, before I could get out the door this morning my phone was ringing because some of my customers were having major problems.

My customers are pharma and biotech manufacturers. While they add to our lives by producing everything from life saving medicines to good-ole-cracker-jack vitamins, sometimes they forget that the sun doesn’t rise when they wake up in the morning. Besides, the sun can’t rise when they wake up, ’cause it saves that honor for when I crack open my eyes and sit up in bed ;D LOL!

Anyway, as the day went along the problems kinda of piled up. I even found myself at odds with a co-worker. In fact, we ended up in an argument. Bottom line - my boss gave me instructions to do something a certain way, and the co-worker didn’t give a fig and was determined to do it her own way. The problem with that was that I’d still end up on the hook if the tasks weren’t completed on time or in a satisfactory manner. Can we all say, ‘Bump that mess’ boys and girls?

So, I backed up, backed off…and called my boss to let her handle it.

Now, if that had happened fifteen or twenty years ago I probably would have handled it all wrong by continuing to press my point with my co-worker, even if I knew it wasn’t going to get me anywhere. However, the years of experience in a thing called ‘life’ have given me some wisdom on when to just back up, call it a day, and leave it alone. I do the same thing in relationships (which I haven’t had in for-EVAH!). I think the biggest compliment my ex has ever given me was in front of a counselor when he said, “She doesn’t ask me for much, she doesn’t nag me about anything, she handles the big things like a champ…” Most men would be happy to have a woman like that, wouldn’t you think?

But I digress. My question to you is this - are there things you used to do a certain way at one time in your life that you do completely different now? You don’t have to get too personal, but I’m just curious.

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