Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Word count & Reviews

Well, I've just finished the revision for one of my short stories. It always feels great when I can finally say, it's done! Of course, for someone as fussy - and with the really bad habit of double checking everything - as me, a story is never really done. Lol. I could revise and edit a story a thousand times, if I didn't limit myself. :D

Anyway, this is what my ytd word count looks like now -- 207,044.

I've gotten some really cool reviews lately, and I wanted to share a few of my faves:

"Though this is a novella, it is well thought out and excellently written. The characters have depth, with a heart and soul kind of feel. It titillates the imagination into an explosion of color and sound that deafens the world of reality. The descriptive powers of Yolanda Sfetsos are amazingly crisp and leave you scrambling to find more of her work. In my humble opinion this is a definite must have for the collection." 5 Flowers, Coale, My Book Cravings.

"After reading Blood Chase I found myself thinking that appearances are not always what they seem. At first, I was thrown into an event that appeared to be a simple hunt between a human and a vampire. But there is truly nothing simple about this book or the way things are laid out. Grace is a strong beauty and one of the few humans who know that vampires truly exist from personal experience. Dixon is handsome, determined, and persistent. The two have a connection that is stronger and deeper than you can imagine. Yolanda Sfetsos is a wonderful storyteller who grabbed my attention from the first paragraph. And then reversed everything I thought was happening with a few brief lines. The plot, characters, and setting were perfectly blended and added significantly to the story. It all allowed me to stand next to Grace screaming for her to run. Blood Chase kept me on the edge of my seat, and fans of the genre will find this book to be a wonderful treat." 4 Angels, NeNe, Fallen Angel Reviews.

"This is an interesting tale about the end of the world. Is Luci the Devil’s daughter? Or is she just a helpless victim in the machination of a religious cult? You’ll have to read to find out! It is well told and an entertaining read. A story I would not hesitate to share. It has humor, drama, and a well rounded cast! It’s definitely a well thought out plot! Valentine’s Beast will surprise and delight, so sit back and enjoy!" 5 Flowers, Coale, My Book Cravings.

All of these made me smile. :)

Well, I guess it's time to get back to it. Enjoy your week!




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Congrats on your reviews!

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