Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Almost Friday!

Hey ya'll! I'm reading about dragons and my god they are HOT! And not just 'cause they blow fire either. It's part of the Shadow of the Dragon series by Tielle St. Clare. I'd read the other books in the series a year or two ago and they were absolutely fabulous. The characters in those stories were well written, along with the dragons who accompanied their charges. Talk about details! Tielle made me 'see' what the characters were seeing. Made me 'feel' what the characters and their dragons felt. I figured book four in the series, called Dragon's Prey, would be the same. And I was spot on!

I'm only on page 364 and I'm burning my poor eReader up! Now, I like sex in a book as well as the next person, but sex for the sake of sex is boring. Give me some plot. Give me some action. Give me some suspense. Give me a reason to care about the characters. Give me all that and I'll stick with you forever.

Well, Tielle, I'm with you forever, girlfriend 'cause the Shadow series RAWKS from beginning to the end!

Here's the blurby bit from Tielle's book, Dragon's Prey:
Shadow of the Dragon - Dragon's Prey By Tielle St Clare
Book 4 in the Shadow of the Dragon series.

Captured and put into slavery, it should be a simple thing for Kayla to escape, if only her dragon would cooperate. But the blasted beast — bored with the males at home — sees Kayla's captivity as the perfect opportunity to find her mate.

When her dragon finds the man for Kayla, he's all wrong. He's too strong, too aggressive and way too grouchy. He's the perfect mercenary but he'll make a rotten husband. Unfortunately, her body — and her dragon — don't care about any of that and while she wants to hate Captain Sixx, she finds herself unable to resist him.

For Sixx, getting the pretty little slave as a gift is more irritation than pleasure. What's he supposed to do with her? He's got enough troubles — including a curse and a snotty young warrior preparing to challenge him — now he's got her to deal with. Of course, having Kayla chained up in his bedchamber does have its benefits.

So now Kayla just has to figure out how to get home, keep Sixx safe from her father's wrath, oh, and tell her lover she's part dragon.

Wanna see what she's up to? Visit here at her website, www.tiellestclare.com

Love ya!


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