Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's almost time

Tuesday is the big day and I can hardly wait.


I'm still so surprised that we are getting Acheron's story in the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon this year. Don't get me wrong i'm totally psyched by this, I just would have expected Acheron's story to be the last.

I still remember the first time I picked up a Dark Hunter book from the library and decided to check it out. It was about four years ago and it was Sieze The Night. Yes I didn't know anything about the series so I picked it up right in the middle. But that day I fell in love with Valerius and immediately looked up the series and started from the beginning.

Today Valerius is still my favorite Dark-Hunter. What can I say I love the really dark, silent and brooding type. He is a man with a commanding presence. He's just yummy. I think I might have to reread him today. lol

As for Tuesday, I will be at either Target or Wal-Mart first thing to pick up Acheron. I will probably shirk my work and writing that day to immerse myself once again into the Dark-Hunter world I love so much, to read Ash's story. Then at the end of August when I see Sherrilyn Kenyon again at Dragon Con i will be gushing like a crazy fan girl. But as usual SK will be so sweet and gracious.

So...Do you read the Dark-Hunter series? Have a favorite? Planning to run out and get Acheron on Tueday?

Have a good one,


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