Saturday, September 13, 2008

My week in review

Yes, i'm borrowing Yolanda's topic because I haven't thought of anything brilliant to say. lol

It's been a busy but interesting week. Since I finished writing Pentacles of Magick: The Revealing three weeks ago, I haven't felt much like starting a new book. For the first time in over a year I do not have a deadline. At least not one set by my publisher. I can work on whatever I want on whatever schedule I choose. So I have decided to devote the month of September to finishing up two stories I either wrote or started a very long time ago but never finished.

The first is a cat shifter, titled Shadows Within, that I finished about two years ago but decided to put it away for a while and move on to something else. I have finished the revisions on it and its a nice solid 36k Novella. I'm fixing up the synopsis and the blurb tonight and plan to send it out to publishers next week and see what happens. *crosses fingers*

Next up is my faery urban fantasy , titled A Warrior's Choice. This one isn't first draft done. I'm at about 35K with a target of 50K. It's been a while since I have written faeries and I miss them. I have had a lot of dreams about this book lately so I am looking forward to getting back to it. Unfortunately this month is racing by and I better pick up the face. Because I have lots of ideas for new projects. A fallen faery godmother trilogy, my savannah vampire series, a contemporary BDSM short, another m/m, and even a halloween story for next year.

I've also been working on edits for my November Cobblestone release, Her Surrender. This is a contemporary BDSM story that I think is one of the most emotional pieces I have written.

And last but not least I am working on the DAMM blog for October. This is my annual D.emons A.nd M.agick M.ixer (DAMM) party on my myspace blog. A month long celebration of things that go bump in the night with author interviews, free reads, food recipes, drink recipes, music and contests and prizes. I decorate the blog and myspace for the event and well, we just have a whole lot of fun. It starts October 1st and will be at http://www.myspace.com/elizagayle


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