Friday, September 19, 2008


The next few weeks promise to be a whirlwind of activity.

First, we found out at the last minute that my daughter's surgery has been scheduled for Monday. Gulp. I still won't believe it until I call the patient number after two pm today to find out our "show time" on Monday morning...

Progress reports came out from the school. Another big gulp. Neither of my kids are doing well. My daughter has been distracted, to say the least, by her condition. The kindergartner...well, let's just say that even 10 years ago when my daughter went to school she didn't have to know as much as they are expecting from my son. He's delayed in speech and fine motor skills. And like most kids his age, he has 'selective listening'. Grrrr. So, there's a round of teacher conferences to attend.

Then, there's the normal queue of edits and writing to be accomplished in my 'copious' spare time.

But, the high point of my week is that my first M/M romance, Breathless, releases from Cobblestone Press today. Wahoooooo!

Danger and unexpected desire will leave them both breathless.

Unless he can come up with $500,000, Jason Swan will lose his hot air balloon ride company to his ex-wife, a woman he should have never married, especially since he has a penchant for men. Big, virile men like Michael O'Shaunnesy.

Michael O’Shaunnesy is on the run from his ex-lover when his car breaks down in Napa Valley. To escape, he steals Jason’s balloon. Miles above the ground, the two men are beset by danger ... and desire. When disaster strikes, the only way out is down.

You can buy it here!


Blogger Cynthia Eden said...

Erika, I'll be sending some positive thoughts your way--and congrats on the release.

September 21, 2008 at 7:05 PM  

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