Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shapeshifters...What's the new werewolf??

As I race through NaNo doing my best to keep up and writing the second book in my upcoming cat shifter series, I cant help but think about different shifters.

Those in the "know" seem to think that paranormal is declining which i'm not sure I believe yet because that's what i'm seeing in the stores and thats what I am reading, but at the very least things do change in the genre.

Used to be strictly vampires and werewolves with a few witches thrown in for good measure but according to NY now the Demon is the new Vampire but I want to know what is the new werewolf?

I've never written wolves, only cat shifters and dragon shifters, guess that makes me more of a cat person. Although I would gladly write a wolf if and when a story idea ever hit me. I go with what calls to me.

But as a reader what do you want? Wolves? Cats? Dragons? Snakes? and the list goes on...

What are you tired of? Just curious.

It's November 15th and i'm a couple thousand words short of my NANO goal but still almost halfway through my book. I am so excited by this. With one of my goals for 2008 being to start writing longer i'm ecstatic to see that finally happening. I still love writing short, but taking the time to write longer and deeper into the world is rewarding as well.

I can't wait to introduce you to the Black Cougars in January but until then I have a new release of a different kind.

Last week, my new contemporary BDSM, Her Surrender, released from Cobblestone Press.



For years Jillian had struggled with who and what she is. Submissive. Society thought her weak but she knew better. Despite knowing the depth of her true need she'd fought against it until she met Rob.

A Dom for many years, Rob immediately knew her and what she desired. The connection between them sizzled for weeks as he prepared her for her new life as his submissive. His demands increased daily and her need for his touch grew stronger. Finally her day has arrived and she will go to him to learn once and for all if true freedom lies in her surrender.

To read an excerpt visit Cobblestone Press or my website at http://www.elizagayle.net

Have a good one!



Blogger gypsywoman35 said...

Well I love my vamps and wolves. But I would love to read more about Cats and even some dragon shapeshifters. How you the author develop these characters is really what I like reading.

November 19, 2008 at 4:20 AM  
Blogger Eliza Gayle said...

Oh cool. Then i look foward to you telling me what you think of my catshifters in January. I'm almost done with book 2 and having a lot of fun with them.

And my one dragon shifter in some of my earlier stories is still one of my favorite characters. I will have to get back to that world soon.

November 23, 2008 at 10:04 PM  

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