Thursday, November 6, 2008

Whew! What a Tailspin!

Hi all,

I'm so sorry you haven't seen much of me. I've been traveling like crazy with the day job and getting ready to relocate to a new state on top of that. God, now I remember why I have packing/unpacking so much! But I'm totally excited about the move so even the thought of packing has yet to send me into a round of prickly hives from head to toe.

Can you believe that in the last two weeks I've been to three countries (Switzerland, England, Germany) and two states (Indiana and Washington)? Talk about TIRED! Man, I'm so happy that I don't have to hop on a plane to go anywhere anytime soon.

Oh, there is some writing news to report - the October round one winners of the Holiday Hotties contest will be announced in the TJ On A Tangent newsletter this weekend!

Gotta run. I'm still catching up at work (imagine my eyebrows on fire and that pretty much sums up how it's going so far ;D)



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