Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Lights & Christmas Carol

To celebrate Christmas, Noel has a big surprise and an intimate celebration planned for Natala. However, when Nick drops in on them asking for their help to find his missing wife, they have no other choice but to agree to go to HQ in the North Pole.

Noel is forced to wait helpless inside Nick's office as Natala attempts to use her other-self and her knowledge of demons to track her down. Instead, she gets caught up in a dangerous situation with another demon. Krampus has plans to use Natala and finish what Decarabia started the year before

You can read the naughty excerpt here.

Or you can purchase your own copy here.

Last year, my novella CHRISTMAS LIGHTS was released as part of the Cobblestone Press 12 Days of Christmas.

It was the story of a feisty imp, Natala, who happened to pop out of a cursed string of Christmas Lights, and surprised a lonely widower called, Noel. It was a fun and dangerous adventure that took place during a typical hot Christmas in Sydney. I actually enjoyed Noel and Natala so much that I wrote a sequel.

CHRISTMAS CAROL takes place exactly one year after Noel and Natala met under these very strange circumstances. This time they're trekking over to the North Pole to help Saint Nick locate his missing wife. Their new adventure is filled with danger, mystery, romance, and a cast of new characters that I had a ball working with.

So, I hope you decide to spend a little time in this magical and very paranormal little story I wanted to share this festive season.

And don't forget that my little zombie Christmas tale is still available here.

Happy Holidays!




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