Friday, December 5, 2008

It's finally beginning to look a bit like Lasagna (Oh, I mean Winter!)

Living in Southern California has some perks -- great weather year around is one of them. We live in the high desert where we get an occasional snow shower and cold mornings...but I was beginning to think winter would never get here this year. We had a sligh cold nsap in November and then a heat wave (into the 80s!). But we woke up this morning to freezing temperatures... and that means a very special treat. Lasagna. I'm so glad it's cool enough outside to finally turn on the oven without turning the house into one as well.

And tomorrow is our local Christmas parade. It's a light parade and one of the prettiest events of the year. The weather should be crisp, which will make it nice to sit along the main drag and watch for Santa and his elves. My boys are hoping that lots of organizations this year are handing out candy! I'm sure their dentist is counting the cavities already.

And somewhere is this whirlwind of holiday cheer, I have to finish writing the sequel to The Werewolf Whisperer. It's titled Unleashed and gives Jazmin her happily ever after while keeping up with the sexy sheriff, Jackson Hardy, and the lovely Serena from The Werewolf Whisperer. And for those of you who feel in love with Mike, Serena's brother, in the first book, yes, he, too, will get his story. Believe me, I've got plans for him (Bwahahahahah)!

But, I need to put my nose to the grindstone and write...not only the overdue novella but the dreaded Christmas Letter. I'm going to confess that I was very bad last year and didn't send out cards. Thank goodness Santa didn't hold it against me. But, I swored to do better this year. So, lest my friends think I've gone into my writer's cave never to be seen again, I'll be typing up that chatty, overfull missive to stuff into everyone's card (note to self, need to buy cards AND stamps!)

I used to hate those letters. It felt like getting a form letter from your friends. Up until about five years ago, I was a Christmas card snob. I'd handwrite 50 cards with appropriate news and sentiment, tailored specifically for each friend.

Now, just thinking about that makes my hand cramp.

So, what do you think about those chatty family missives? Like 'em, love 'em, hate 'em?


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