Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day, Icy Road Trip, and a Celebrity Sighting

Sorry I'm late blogging today...but we had a very unexpected experience on Wednesday.


For those of you in areas that get regular snow, I know this is no biggie. But for us, it was a once in about a decade experience. Okay, maybe we'll get a small snowstorm every three to five years. But this one STUCK! And for more than a few hours.

The kids built snowmen and got chilled to the bone. They cancelled school until the New Year. And then they closed some roads.

Which leads me to the next portion of my post. My daughter had a flight out of the Ontario, CA airport early this morning. And as of mid-day Thursday, it was difficult to find a travel route that was open, and didn't need snow tires or chains. It took twice the estimated travel time, it was icy and a bit trecherous in parts, but we made it. The nice part was that since my husband's work and the boy's school closed, we were able to make the trip as a family. We spent the night in a hotel, and around four this morning, my daughter and I snuck out of the room and took a shuttle to the airport.

She was flying into New Orleans and would be picked up by her bio and his wife at the airport there. She made the trip with only one notable incident. On her way to the baggage claim, she spotted a guy being pushed in a wheelchair. He looked familiar. In fact...he looked like ELMER! (Who, you might ask, is Elmer. Well, if you were fans of a short-lived paranormal show called The Others, you would know. His real name is Bill Cobbs.)

As my daughter is excitedly leaving a voice mail to me, telling me that she's sure that she's just seen Elmer from The Others when the man turns to her and says "You remember that show?"

And darn it all, it really WAS BILL COBBS. So, she garnered an autograph. It made her day...and I certainly hope it made his. (We love you, Bill!)


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