Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free Downloads from Sable

Hi Everyone. I'm very excited to share with you some free downloads available from me right now:

Demon Heart - Erotic Paranormal Romance

Adrian Black IS a sex demon who has once again been kicked out of hell. So he's out to find a key to let himself back in and a soul to smooth things over. He finds them both in the same place, but the soul is attached to Annie Sellers, a dangerous woman that could make him give the hell he loves for a little piece of heaven.

Fire Awakened - Erotic Futuristic Fiction
Based loosely on a dream I had.

Blurb: In a devastated world, the hopeless exist only to continue the survival of mankind. John Miller faces the horrors of the world daily and his soul is as cold as the oceans he sails upon...until he meets Amy. This young woman warms his body and awakens a fire that he thought long dead inside of him.

Christy's Ghost - Historical Time Travel Romance with paranormal elements

Blurb:Two very different women, Christina Hale and Christy Monroe, both caught in arranged marriages, find their way across two hundred and fifty years to step into one another's lives. Cast into strange and terrifying environments, the women are surprised to discover passions that make them both pray never to return to the lives they knew before.

Sable Grey Magazine

An online magazine available for free download.


Rediscover the Magic of Xanth - a look at the best selling
Xanth books by Piers Anthony

Author Interview with Denyse Bridger

The Proposition, romantic fiction by Denyse Bridger

Being Sable Grey interview

All can be found on my website at http://www.sablegrey.net/

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