Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A little Charm excerpt...

This week, I thought I'd post a little excerpt of my latest release. I hope you enjoy it! :)


She’s one of them, I’m sure about it.

Wes curved his sleek body into a tight ball as he kept one eye on the woman who called herself his owner. Even after all this time, she’d been very careful at concealing her name. She knew the power someone’s name possessed. The bitch never had any visitors and only stayed at each place she rented for six months at a time. She liked to move, ensure no one sensed her magical vibe. There weren’t many people capable of tapping into it, but even someone as arrogant as her knew it could take only one sensitive soul to figure her out. One capable of condemning what she’d forced upon him.

She stood in front of the door, staring out the peep hole. After several minutes, she turned around and huffed into the kitchen. Pots and pans rattled behind him but he had no desire to see what she was up to.

Somehow, she’d felt it too. He’d been hoping she wouldn’t notice the woman at the end of the corridor was one of those sensitive souls able to see beyond the ordinary. But now that she knew, the bitch he’d been referring to as Hag would soon do something about it. But he couldn’t let her.

There was a bright spark inside that friendly woman. A tiny coil ignited inside him. She was the type of woman who’d have captivated him if he’d still been completely connected to his human side. This urge could help reconnect him to everything he’d been so afraid to lose.

Everything that made him a man seemed to be slipping a little more each day. But as long as he refused the love Hag wanted on the night of every full moon, he’d stay this way and would someday become eternally trapped.

If that day came, Wes would be completely lost to Sylvester.

But not if he was right about the woman he couldn’t shake from his mind. He closed his eyes and dreamt of her long auburn hair and those shiny blue eyes. Could she see beyond his feline coat, claws and whiskers to see the man trapped inside? In his dream, she could.

You can read more about THE CAT'S CHARM here.



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