Saturday, February 14, 2009

Losing It?

I hate Blogger...although, I'll truthfully admit that this is probably an operator error situation and not the fault of Blogger...I write a post, think I save it as a draft and then endeavor to schedule it to post. I go around the entire day thinking the post is there, announcing my words to everyone who stops by. Then, the next day I get to thinking...did I do it right? I stop by and what do I see?

Well, I know what I don't see...MY POST. Grrr.

So, here I am, a day late, announcing my very sweet (well, very hot) new release Losing It.

Will the man of her dreams live up to her fantasies?

On the eve of her birthday, Penny Granger is desperate to lose 'it' before she becomes a forty-year old virgin. After a sexy stranger drops his business card on her tray, she throws caution to the wind and fills out an application to e-bootycall.com. Time goes by with no response.

Is there really a shelf-life on virginity and once it’s old, no one wants it anymore? Then, on the eve of her ‘big day’, she gets a birthday surprise. For the sexy man she’s matched with is someone she's been fantasizing about for years. Her boss!

Have a great Valentine's Day!




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