Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sealed with a Demon's Kiss

The warlocks need Tamara’s power to conjure and bind a demon.

Tyler is the demon sent to protect her… but what are his true intentions?

Is it just me, or is it starting to feel like I've been blogging about new releases every week? Lol. Don't worry, after this one, I don't have any set dates for my upcoming eBooks. :)

SEALED WITH A DEMON'S KISS is the story of Tamara and Tyler. It's a dangerous story in a world where witches, warlocks and demons co-exist with the humans.

Tamara's need to stay alive and away from the clutches of the warlocks who want to use her power, drives the beginning of the story - which then evolves into an unexpected love story.

I'm extremely proud of how this story turned out. It was fun, freaky, dangerous, fast-paced, filled with suspicion, sensual... there was a bit of everything. And when I edited this story, my editor - waving to Lana - helped me make it so much deeper and stronger that my love for these characters and their world deepened. So much that I've been toying with writing another tale in this world.

Anyway, isn't this cover beautiful? It was made by Cris Griffin. It's one of those cover that I just can't stop looking at. I was amazed at just how well she portrayed Tamara and Tyler. They're exactly how I imagined them. I *love* the cover. It's stunning!

If you're interested in checking out this witchy tale of mine, it'll be available from Cobblestone Press this Friday. :D

Have a great week!



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