Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sealed with a little excerpt

This week, I'd like to share an excerpt of my latest eBook release. I hope you enjoy it!

Here it is...

She released a breath in hopes of sounding calm. “Being chased and dragged into a dirty, dark stairwell is not cozy. Where the hell do you come from, that you’d think such a thing?”

He released her with a jerk.

When she turned to face him, she instantly noticed the flash of red inside his iris. It disappeared, flicking back to blue in an instant, but she’d seen it. Tamara knew what he was, and he definitely wasn’t human. Not that she’d spent much time around humans anyway, unless it involved random passionate encounters to soothe away the ache of desire. Before the warlocks had taken her five years ago, she’d been surrounded by witches. Her heart ached at the thought. Did her coven still look for her, or had they cut their losses and now pretended she’d never existed? They’d always held a degree of shame towards her.

She took a step back, releasing the strained thoughts. “You get the hell away from me, you hear me!”

The man lifted both his palms out in front of him. “Relax. I’m not here to hurt you.”

She stepped back into the door.

He rolled his eyes and took a step forward. “I just saved you from those warlocks, didn’t I? Why would I do that if my intention is to hurt you?”

“But you’re a—”

“Yeah, I’m of the demonic kind, so what?” He crossed his arms over his chest. The bulging biceps and triceps caught her attention. Even in the dim light around them inside this shabby doorway, she could make out every alluring detail about this tall man. His broad shoulders strained against the black T-shirt wrapped around his torso. His angular face shadowed by a sprinkle of dark stubble ended in a perfect jaw. The dark hair was mussed and longish with red highlights.

She tried not to think about how soft it felt when it had tickled her cheek. Stop it, she thought. He’s a demon. He can take on any guise he wants. But deep down inside, they’re all the same—ugly and deranged, with horns, a tail and leathery skin. She’d seen it enough times. It wasn’t fantasy. While other children had feared fictional monsters on TV, she’d been forced to learn about the real ones—demons.

Her spine sizzled with a spark of energy, tracing around the circular source of magic beneath her top. The buzz singed her skin, and she squirmed uncomfortably. It was his power reacting to hers. Either from his arrogance or frustration, maybe even anger. But it felt like a surge of heat that filled the space between them in seconds, almost suffocating.

She wanted to go to him, but resisted.

You can read more about SEALED WITH A DEMON'S KISS here.



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