Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What if...

...the hero of your fave romance novel came to life?

That's one of my favorite themes to explore in my writing. I have written a few books about fictional characters coming to life. But in my latest release, Wicked Beast(Aphrodisia), it's given an interesting twist.

The premise of the story was the product of a casual conversation between some friends who happen to be not just book enthusiasts but book fanatics. They were discussing the heroes of various novels when the topic of whether they would want to be married to their fave characters was raised. Interestingly enough, all my friends were in agreement--the qualities that made a romance novel’s hero so appealing would also make him extremely difficult to live with in the real world.

The seed of an idea was planted in my mind.

What if a woman was faced with her secret ideal, a man who couldn’t possibly exist in real life? But also a man who represented something she was absolutely petrified of? Would the darkly sensual, powerful, alpha man of her dreams turn into the monster of her nightmares when he stepped out of her fantasies?

Wicked Beast is the story of Cailey’s journey into the erotic world she’s created in her imagination, where man and beast share one glorious body, and her deepest fears force her from the safe world she’s known. A woman who is cat-phobic facing a man who shifts into a lion.


Cailey Holm is definitely not a cat person--in fact, she's terrified of felines in al forms. Creating a sexy were-lion as the hero of her latest erotic romance was supposed to help her overcome that fear, but suddenly the tall, dangerous, domineering alpha-cat of her darkest dreams is standing in her living room--and then carrying her back to his world, demanding to explore her most erotic fantasies...

Set free from Cailey's story, Lander Cornelius, King of the Werekin, now has a mind of his own--not to mention a magnificent, muscular body specially designed to make his mistress ache with desire. At first Lander's only motive is to protect his people by controlling Cailey's magic. But now, he intends to bring them both to the peak of ultimate ecstasy, showing her the intense pleasure of total submission, and unleashing a pure, animal passion that has no limits except in their wildest imaginations...

Now, I ask, what sort of fictional character would turn your life upside down? If a hero from a romance novel could come to life for you, do you have any fears or issues that would make a certain kind of character hard to deal with in real life?



Anonymous Sable Grey said...

I would never have a fling with my most of my heroes nor the ones I read about in the books I enjoy. LOL I love to read the alpha male but to actually have one is a totally different thing. He'd be dead within a week. LOL Give me the beta poet, the dreamy musician, the quite college prof any day - but absolutely under no circumstances would I want to alpha hero that I so love to love in romance books. :D

Plus I have too many issues with back hair and blood to want a vamp or wolfie...sad to admit. *sigh* I guess those of us who can't live with the alpha males, read about them. :D

March 3, 2009 at 4:32 PM  
Blogger Ericka Scott said...

I was married to an Alpha male for seven years...WAS is the operative word. Bleh. So, although I love to read about them, they certainly aren't the man for me.

My current hubby is a wonderful Beta computer nerd...and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

March 6, 2009 at 6:43 PM  

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