Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So, how is everyone today? Great, I hope!

I've been pretty busy with real life, writing, revising, and doing a lot of YA reading. It's a lot of fun to have hubby back to working human hours, too. We've even managed to get into the swing of working out regularly.

You might be wondering about the title of my post. Or maybe you're not. ;) Either way, this will be my last post over here. I have decided to leave the Divas of the Dark blog. There are several reasons... the biggest one being, time. I think we've all got that in common, always trying to find more hours and even minutes wherever we can.

I've had a fun time posting here every Wednesday.

I wish all my fellow Divas all the best in everything, and hope that we stay in touch.

I also want to thank the readers who popped in and left comments. I hope you stay in touch too.

You can still visit me at my blog and even at LJ. Or pop into my website.





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