Thursday, June 18, 2009

Like a Diva with her bum on fire

I've been doing alot of writing lately. I just had my second book, Latharian Heat, released from Ellora's Cave last month, have a paranormal contemporary submission with Total EBound, and am working on an erotic paranormal historical called 7 Days, 7 Nights for Absoute X Press. Also I'm working on my erotic western series, which as of now will be six books (there could be more) and a new historical idea about a Viking werewolf.

I'm also preparing my fantasy book, The King's Sword, for submission and am rewriting my novel Heart of the Storm and my Redleigh Series books. Heart of the Storm will be submitted to a print publisher this year and I hope to submit my Redleigh Series to a publisher this year as well. (I do have one in mind)

So the writing is going well. Thank Goodness! I went through a dry couple of months with my grandparents being ill where I was too depressed or worried about them to write a solitary word. - They are both at home now, for those who know about how ill they've been. Thank you to everyone who sent emails of encouragement and prayers.

My latest news though...I got a new puppy! I found him in the middle of the road where someone had ditched him. He's a three month old, 30lbs Dalmation mix. We call him Doc.

He's a very sweet dog and Poco LOVES him. They play all the time and it's good for Poco too. We joke that it's more her puppy than ours.

Marshall Dillion of course wants nothing to do with the pup just as he was with Poco when we first got her. But I've noticed he's already warming up to him by letting him lay down beside him.

My current pets: Miss Kitty, AmberKat, and Zed, and three dogs: Marshall, Poco, and Doc. My sister has two Boston Terriers and plans to have puppies next year. I already told her I want one when they get there.

I think we're gonna need a bigger boat.



Blogger E.J. Stevens said...

Congratulations on your prolific writing and on finding such an adorable new furry member of your family.

p.s. Love the cover for Latharian Heat.

October 22, 2009 at 10:38 AM  
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